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Argus is our new Burning
Crusade realm running
the fabled Corecraft core.

Grasp thy sword!

Enter an Outland you've not seen in a long time...

Risen from the ashes

Led by Shiro and Nim, the Corecraft project was an initiative to bring about the best Burning Crusade experience to date. Somewhere in 2016, however, work on the project came to an abrupt halt. Now, almost two years later, Shiro has made a very welcoming move by releasing the source code of their amazing core on GitHub. In order for everyone to enjoy the high level of quality established by the Corecraft team, ApexWoW has launched their core on our new realm Argus!


Connecting to Argus is as easy as pie. After registering an account on this website, open a file called realmlist.wtf in your parent Burning Crusade game directory and edit in the following line: set realmlist login.apexwow.com. Now you can start your client and login using your Argus credentials. In the realm selection screen, pick Argust (Test) for the most optimal starter experience.

Start your journey

You will start your adventure on Argus at level 58. This means you'll be able to focus entirely on the work done by the Corecraft team, who put most of their time working on Burning Crusade content. You'll receive basic starter gear, skills and a mount to trod at a peaceful pace toward a torn and scarred Outland.


Although we know our way around setting up and maintaining private servers, ApexWoW still lacks the Developers to fix bugs you may still find in the Corecraft core. Therefore we'd like to ask you to report bugs on the original issue tracker. Although the Corecraft project was halted, the old tracker is still online and the least we can do is make use of it. You can find the official Corecraft issue tracker here.

About us

ApexWoW initially started as a means for everyone to test and work on the latest and greatest releases of CMaNGOS. In recent months, this focus has shifted towards sources released by actual private server projects. Now, with the release of Corecraft, we'd like to offer players a chance to see the quality of its core and simultaneously pay our respect to the team responsible for crafting such a gem.


In case you wish to come into contact with us or other fellow Corecraft enthusiasts, feel free to join us on Discord! We're also on the lookout for anyone who's interested in becoming involved in the ApexWoW project, particularly people who know their way around C++ and the Corecraft core. In case you're interested, feel free to leave a private message with either Beerfish or Argonn on Discord.

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